Use a Cell Phone Jammer and Get Jammed Up With the FCC

You’re going to take your first bite of that delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant when you are suddenly jarred by a mobile phone loudly ringing in a neighboring table. You turn and glare in the wretch.

As opposed to turning off the mobile phone, your impolite neighbor not only answers the telephone, but then proceeds to engage in a rather lengthy and needless dialog, all in a voice that is loud. Other diners stare at the cell phone user, however, the dialogue continues. Now emp jammer that is rising is not in the veggies; it is from your bubbling anger.

Instead of enjoying your expensive evening repast, you now have a manic desire catch up, walk over to the evildoer, tear the mobile phone off, then every-so-gently throw it in the bottom of the caller’s water glass. Drown, rude cell phone, drown!

But prior to committing that little act of violence, you calm yourself enough to gesture for the maître d’hôtel to visit your table. You tell the maître d’ about a mobile phone jammer you found marketed online that’s guaranteed to put a stop to mobile phone insanity in restaurants and other public spaces. It’s like a light winked on within the mind of this maître d’… finally a solution!

A week later, you come back to get another fine dining experience and find a new sign in the window. It exclaims in bright bold letters that the restaurant is now a’Cell Phone Free Zone’ because of the cell phone jammer recently purchased and installed by the restaurant owner. This week you like your dinner with no single cell phone ringing, and with each attempt to make an outgoing cell call stymied by the jammer. You are happy. You eat . Your desert is on the home with all the compliments of the maître d’.

Yet anther week moves. You return to the restaurant only to find that the signal has been taken down, and the mobile phone jammer has been gone. What gives, you ask?
The maître d’ lets you know that the restaurant was seen by an inspector in the Federal Communications Commission who seized the jammer. A couple of days after, an FCC Notice of Violation arrived in the mail analyzing the restaurant proprietor the princely sum of $11,000 for using the jammer.

Just using a cell phone jammer is prohibited under Title 47 of the United States Code Section 333.

Congress has given the FCC wide powers to capture radio equipment causing intentional interference, for example cell phone jammers. It can also levy steep fines against individuals employing such devices.

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