Importance of Preventive Care

When tough financial times hit, people tend to put off preventative maintenance, such as routine dental check-ups and cleanings.

What people fail to see is that check-ups and cleanings can discover problems before they become painful and often costly to fix.

Folks occasionally erroneously feel that if their teeth are not hurting or they are not experiencing some sort of problem, they can put off check-ups and cleanings when cash is tight. That thought process really could cost them more in the long run.

For example, a dental hygienist may discover a small fracture at a tooth while cleaning a patient’s teeth. If caught early enough, a little filling could correct this issue. But if the patient had waited before the fracture became a larger crack or a piece of tooth broke off, fixing that would cost much more.

There is a good deal of truth to the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Dental Check-ups

Many men and women have to have their teeth cleaned every six months. Patients with periodontal disease may require more frequent cleanings of a few times each year. In addition to teeth cleanings, patients must be seen by their own physician at least twice each year.

A dental check-up Requires the following:

O Dental X-rays are taken of the individual’s mouth.
O The dental practitioner conducts a visual exam of their teeth and gums using a small mirror.
O A probe is used to press against the surfaces of the teeth and search for”sticky” spots, which can signal tooth decay.
O Your dentist may also use a very small camera to shoot close-up photos of their teeth to be displayed on a screen in the operatory.
Oral Health and Overall Health

Preventive dental care is more than simply using a bright, white smile. If Antrag auf Verhinderungspflege comes to overall health, oral health functions as a sort of window into the body since what goes on in the mouth could be indicative of other health problems.

One of the main reasons for dental check-ups and regular cleanings is to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums. Plaque build-up may lead to periodontal disease and unhealthy gums that fight germs. Compounds then can enter the blood and lead to even more severe diseases, like heart disease.

Osteoporosis often is first detected through a dental checkup, because the very first stages of bone loss occasionally are evident in the teeth. It is necessary for individuals with diabetes to keep regular dental check-ups since bad dental health may make diabetes harder to treat and keep.

Because study continues to prove that there is a correlation between dental health and overall wellness, it’s very important to maintain routine dental check-ups, even if patients are not having any problems.

In these challenging financial times, it’s important to not forget that catching dental problems early may save money in the long term. If you believe you can’t afford a routine exam and teeth cleaning now, wait until you want a crown or root canal.

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